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We are global specialists in telling sustainability stories.

We create high-end, top quality communications content on the stories of business-led development and their contribution to the UN SDGs. Our professional teams of passionate storytellers are adventurers at heart, embracing travel to get to the root of the story, bringing together local perspectives and global issues that uncover the heart of business and help brands earn their way into people's lives.

Our Mission
To promote and encourage the adoption
of ‘inclusive business’ as a component of

corporate growth strategy in Africa and
to demonstrate how this business model
can make a contribution towards the
United Nations Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs).
Our Vission
An Africa with its
people empowered, its
environment protected
and its cultural diversity

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Get Involved

Support program beneficiaries.
Participate in the TV program and
demonstrate the impact of your
organization’s interventions.

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At Regency Global, we create believable stories that inspire inclusive growth. When we believe a story, it can change the way we think, act and feel. The challenge for business is to create objective stories about the good work they are doing, and which people believe. To create authentic, human stories that are credible. We work with you to shape and amplify beautiful and impactful stories about your activities; stories that build trust, confidence and pride with your people; stories that shift business to be driven by inclusive growth, in line with global development goals.

We do this through a collaborative process of listening closely to what you need, and working together to make it happen. We bring our passion, creativity and experience to find the integrity of the story, and to constantly raise the bar.

The TV series, namely IT'S AFRICA'S TIME, tells the stories of various ‘inclusive business’ strategies whilst including the work of a number of African governments setting new benchmarks for good governance. The forum for its corporate clients, called INCLUSIVE BUSINESS AFRICA, provides a platform and a network to exchange ideas, collaborate and engage in various ‘inclusive business’ projects.

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  The term ‘inclusive business’ refers to profitable core business activity which tangibly
expands opportunities for people at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP), as
producers, suppliers, workers, distributors, consumers – or even as innovators.