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Lozane Farms
Enabling Food Security and Local Job Creation

Carlson Rezidor
Responsible Business

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In Northern Mozambique we meet with Lozane Farms, a local seed supplier working together with government and USAID to drive sustainable livelihoods, food security and environmentally responsible farming practice in the region. "I would describe small scale farmers as small business units," says Bakir Lozane, Founder and CEO of Lozane Farms, "and like any other business unit, they go into business to grow. Coupled with the fact that it's difficult for these small business units, which is the biggest network in agriculture in the country, to access finance, their lack of know-how is a great challenge to their growth. In addition, there is also a huge lack of improved quality seed available."



Lozane-Farms   S1V58 Lozane Farms:
Providing Quality Seed to Small Scale Farmers to Enable Increased Yields and Market Access
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S1V59 Lozane Farms:
Enabling the Growth and Increasing the Incomes of Small Scale Farmers in Northern Mozambique
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S1V60 Lozane Farms:
Realising Mozambique’s Potential to be a Large Scale Producer of Food in Southern Africa
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