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This is a story about what’s possible for those who grow in partnership with an industry giant. It’s a story about inclusive growth, tracking a business journey from soil to pan as our team jets to Kenya to visit BIDCO, the powerhouse manufacturer of some of the most well-known household brands in East Africa. IT’S AFRICA’S TIME is offered a unique window into the origins and workings of this billion dollar family owned business. We meet its owners; the out-growers who supply to them; and discover how mobi-tech is unlocking greater revenue for its distributors. Most importantly, company CEO Vimal Shah explains how inclusive growth is what sustainability in Africa is all about. Leading us into an all-important debate on the difference between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) and what it means to be a ‘Socially responsible Corporate’. Join us for an agri-business and consumer goods story that will stimulate your thinking about present realities and future possibilities across Africa.


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  • Kaizen business practise at Bidco 2
  • Kids in Kimilili, Kenya. Their parents grow for Bidco as part of its outgrowers programme 2
  • Main gate to Bidco plant in Thika, Kenya
  • Partership is key to Bidco's success
  • Sunset, a local farmer in Kimilili Kenya where Bidco has a large outgrowers programme
  • Tarun, B.D. and VImal Shah - Co Founders of the Bidco Group
  • VImal Shah, CEO Bidco Group 2





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Tracking a business journey from soil to pan, IT’S AFRICA’S TIME visits Bidco Oil Refineries, the powerhouse manufacturer of some of the most well-known household brands in East Africa. For Bidco, effective agriculture in Kenya is about building sustainable partnerships. In one of the Bidco factories there is a sign on the factory floor with the words: “Alone we are weak, together we are strong”. IT’S AFRICA’S TIME looks at how this ethos permeates the billion dollar family owned business, and meets the employees, out-grower suppliers and distributors who benefit from this inclusive and sustainable approach.