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Water is a basic human right and a cornerstone for healthy, happy communities. Yet millions are denied access to it and run the risk of illness and even death due to contaminated drinking and washing water.

In this story we travel to Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa to explore how the private sector is partnering with local NGOs to provide safe water to schools and previously under-serviced low income areas.

We explore this story through the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) which started in 2008 to improve access to clean & safe water across Africa. Their aim is to reach 2 million people by 2015 and 6 million by 2020. IT’S AFRICA’S TIME visited some of their key projects to explore progress on the ground.


  • Ablution block, Mwoyoweshumba Village, Mutasa, Zimbabwe
  • Amandhla Community Association creche, Chamanculo, Maputo
  • Aunt and pupils from Charles Duna Primary
  • Cameraman, Jasyn Howes, filming at Charles Duna Primary, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Children in front of new ablution block, Mwoyoweshumba Primary School, Mutasa, Zimbabwe
  • Filming drinking and hand washing with clean, safe water at Mwoyoweshumba Primary School, Mutasa, Zimbabwe
  • Filming over Mutare town, Eastern Zimbabwe
  • Fresh water used to cook the daily meal at Charles Duna Primary, Port Elizabeth, South Africa 1
  • Joao Maweia from WSUP inspects domestic water supply system, Chamanculo, Maputo
  • Local community creche, Chamanculo, Maputo
  • Mwoyoweshumba Village, Mutasa, Zimbabwe
  • Show Host, Lisa Chait, with Villager and Director, Sarah Ping Nee Jones
  • The It's Africas Time crew with community activist, Graca Canda, and her kids, Chamanculo, Maputo
  • The Mwoyoweshumba clan,  Mwoyoweshumba Village, Mutasa, Eastern Zimbabwe




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Coca-Cola and RAIN
Water is the source of life and yet on the African continent 300 million people are living without access to safe clean water. The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation has responded to this crisis with the Replenish Africa Initiative, known as RAIN.

Through RAIN, water networks are being brought into neighbourhoods and schools, and partnerships at every level have been formed, holding the key to the project’s sustainability and success.
Coca-Cola Providing Safe Clean Water
Over 300 million Africans are living without access to safe clean water. In response to this crisis the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation launched the Replenish Africa Initiative known as RAIN which is present in 37 African countries, including Mozambique.

Maputo based community leader, Graça Canda, has been working with RAIN to bring water to her community. RAIN has brought access to water and improved sanitation to Chamanculo C.
Coca-Cola and Charles Duna Primary School
In South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province, primary school principal, Nombulelo Sume, has been struggling with water access to her school for years. The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) has refurbished ablution facilities, built water tanks and re-laid piping.

Water has brought the school’s veggie garden back to life and Mrs Sume is well on track to improving the health of her pupils.